bintulu tyres theft

After over a month of relative peace, we’re awaken again by thieving Toms. Their target, trekkers’s vehicles park at the entrance of Taman Tumbina jungle trek.

Yesterday, they managed to get way with a 4-wheel drive tyre. They were bolder, the heavy traffic along Tanjung Batu road, stream of trekkers go in and out of the Taman Tumbina jungle trek were not at all a deterrent.

“They are back in action. Happening just now at Tanjung Batu roundabout around 3pm,” said Helestine Lium of photo he posted on Bintulu News facebook group wall.

The Toyota Hilux 4-Wheeler unfortunately belong to his friend and a favorite target among thieves due to it popularity.

Thank for the tip-off Helestine Lium.