Wow! Great catches. These fishermen have to bring their nets ashore and then spend hours carefully removing each fish from the net.

They were spotted by Fadzillah Rantai at Batu Mandi, Simalajau fishing wharf.

Simalajau areas used to be a fishing and wild life haven not too long ago. As in many parts of Sarawak this protected wildlife sanctuary is constantly under threat of development.

The vast swamp areas were quickly replace with huge oil palm estates as early as 1990s. By the turn of 21st century another massive industrial development – Samalaju Industrial Park to the north east further squeezed the already shrinking national park.

Many of the marine life – such as river dolphin found in the areas had long disappeared.

There’s have been several attempts to preserve whatever marine life still surviving in the area – including current project to create an artificial reef eco-system by dumping 1500 artificial reef balls within the park areas.