Updated. A house at ABF housing was suspected robbery yesterday (around 10pm – erroneously stated as 2pm earlier post – apologies) by armed gangs. Initial, albeit sketchy details made available to public indicated one of the victims had died while another being sent to a hospital.

A reliable source said the injured victim of the suspected break-in is a teacher at SJK Chung Hua 2, Bintulu. Police is hot on the trail of the gangs of 5-6 persons who remained at large.

They were armed with sharp objects – likely to be blades.

Police had since set up several ‘stop-search’ at various locations in Bintulu to pursue the escaping suspects said to be driving a Toyota Unser?

Meanwhile we suggest that you keep this Bintulu police general line in cases of emergency – 086 33 1121 / 33 2044.

Thank to Peneliess Arijoni for the tip-off and photo.

Trail of blood on the driveway.

Bintulu police traffic had set up – ‘stop-search’ at various locations in Bintulu to hunt down the suspects – pic – Francis Ngu.