Fake RM20 Malaysian Ringgit note top and genuine RM20 below discovered by Eza Fazriza.

Several people have reported to have seen fake Malaysian Ringgit notes in circulation around Bintulu.

Era Fazriza a cake seller warned people to take precaution when transacting in town after alleging she had fallen victim to the fake RM20 Malaysian Ringgit note.

“Awas!Kepada warga Bintulu, hati2 dengan wang palsu kerana kami telah di tipu,” literally translated as “Beware! To the peoples of Bintulu, be careful with fake notes, because we have been cheated,” she said in a post at Bintulu News Facebook group.

According to Era the feel, size, color and look of the fake note is clearly different from the genuine RM20 note.

Ida GOjezz (Hasmida binti Mahmud) alleged she had also been victim of the fake note in her comment of Era Fazriza post.

“I also received a fake RM10 note. So now I’ve to be more careful when been receiving money,” she said.

Unfortunately they yet to report the case to the relevant authorities.