BN campaigners with Dyana Sofya.

The Teluk Intan by-election is getting hotter each day and people seem to forget there is another by-election in Penang’s Bukit Gelugor where another DAP candidate Ramkarpal Singh is contesting.

In Teluk Intan, thousand of photos and videos uploaded to social media – were about Dyana Sofya – the darling of media, DAP and certain BN campaigners – so it seems.

Several BN campaigners – without hesitation seen clamoring around Dyana hoping get a pic of themselves with her. It obvious, they just can’t help but admire her in one way or another.

Others just couldn’t stand her present. Several BN youth were caught on camera chasing her campaigning in an area of Teluk Intan.

Watch the video below for more.