Jonathan Joseph apparently is not the Betong lecturer real name.

Ministry of Education said appropriate action will be taken against a community college lecturer in Betong who posted statements belittling, insulting Sarawakians and the State in his Facebook account recently.

In a news release today (see below), MOE said his act has provoked anger, dissatisfaction among Sarawakians toward the lecturer and could threaten national unity.

“MOE views very seriously the abuse of social media among civil servants in the Ministry including among lecturer, teacher and educator,” the statement said.

The Education Ministry will conduct a thorough investigation of the case and will impose appropriate action against the lecturer under the Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) Regulations 1993 -PU ( A) 395/1993 if he is found to have committed an offence.

On 5 May, a community college lecturer in Betong , using the name Jonathan Joseph later identified as (Ahmad?) posted tirade of insulting remarks against Sarawak and Sarawakian in general on his Facebook account after his transfer requests out of the state were rejected.

Ministry of Education news release