Apek stall at Tanjung Batu.

This is our favourite spot to have rojak, ‘air batu campur or ABC’ (ice blended drink), and fruit juices at Tanjung Batu. The stall is own by a genuinely friendly old man who wishes to be known only as ‘Apek’.

Apek told us,  he has been selling ice blended drinks at Tanjung Batu for more than four decades. A long way back – before the existent of Imperial Suites, Taman Tumbina, Bintulu Golf Club and Kidurong industrial zones to name few of the places.

When told that he is getting older and should have retired long ago.

He quickly replied: “I’ve the best job in world, at one of the most beautiful beaches in Bintulu. It’s like a holiday spot to me why would I want to retire.”


Apek preparing our coconut juice.

Coconut juice – a very refreshing drink especially in the afternoon.