Screenshot of German’s Bild magazine photo.

A German magazine published a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton as a gust of wind lifted her dress during her trip to Australia.

Bild‘s photos were a “breach of privacy” sold with “a series of tasteless headlines” and “crude captions,” said the Daily Mail — which isn’t exactly known for shying away from exposed flesh.

The photo shows the Duchess and Prince William as they walked near a helicopter during their tour of Australia last month. Wind from the propellers lifted Princess Kate’s dress and a photographer was on hand to capture the moment.

According to reports, the photo was so provocative that the British press passed on it, leaving it up to the highest bidder. Bild, a German gossip newspaper, ran the photo in its Sunday edition as part of its “backsides that have moved us” package.

William and Kate walk through the bush to observe abseiling and team building exercises at Narrow Neck Lookout on April 17, 2014 in Katoomba, Australia.

The Duchess arrives at Winmalee Girl Guides Hall during her Australian tour in the Blue Mountains.