Belaga road

The Mejawah-Belaga road.

Over a year ago the only access road to Belaga town, the remotest town in Kapit Division was via a gravel road build by timber concessionaires from Bintulu.

The trip to Belaga would take about 4-5 hours depending on the weather. When it rains the road not only become muddy but also dangerously slippery while on dry days you’re be travelling on road covers by thick cloud of soil and sand dust.

The town finally has a slightly better road since last year after the completion of a 19-KM long Mejawah-Belaga road built by Royal Malaysian Army.

The Mejawah-Belaga road provides vital link to this once isolated town to Bintulu and the rest of Sarawak.

It also cut short the trip to Belaga to about 3-4 hours.

So what is so interesting about Belaga? – It used be haven (before Bakun dam was built) for those – mostly foreigners who wants to be cut-off from the rest of the world and feel really isolated but surrounded by nature and gorgeous, beautiful, friendly peoples collectively known as ‘Orang Ulu’.

Belaga also famous for it tasty durian.

Huge logging complex at Aloi home to thousands of people mostly foreign workers along the way to Belaga and Bakun.

Murum dam road sign

Murum dam junction after Aloi.

Belaga bridge

Belaga bridge

Belaga bridge

Belaga bridge

Belaga bridge