Bintulu policemen on a routine and random spot check on foreigners at Keppel road yesterday.

Many Bintuluans expressed dismay at the apparent lack of respect foreigners have on our local authorities including police force.

Several policemen who were on a routine but random spot check on foreigners along the Keppel road yesterday were publicly harassed by a group of Indonesian workers.

Not only they failed to produce their identification documents such as passport, work permit, visa but they were also very disrespectful, hurling vulgarities at the policemen involved, according to members of the pubic witnessing the incident.

Mohd Hafizul said those stopped at the random spot check were visibly angry – cursing, scolding the policemen when ask to produce their identification documents including passport.

He snapped several photos (see below) of the incident.

Hundred of thousand of these migrant workers mostly from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Philippines suspected to have entered the country illegally or without proper documents and made their ways to Bintulu.

Thousands of them thronged the town centre, taking advantage of the two days Gawai Dayak public holidays here, to go shopping or meeting friends and families.

Thank to Mohd Hafizul for the tip-off and photos.