Faizulnizam Malim - Ouch!

Faizulnizam Malim – Ouch!

Think what you share on Facebook in private, is ‘really’ private, can’t be seen by other, even if your privacy setting says so. Think again. None of these people were on our follow, friends list but what they posted – photos particularly are made publicly available, searchable and traceable by others.

Well, it is nothing seriously live threatening anyway – but it worth knowing that what you share on social media always mean public, not private even if you intended so.

Here are selected photos we’re think funny, cute and embarrassingly memorable that these people shared on Facebook taken around Bintulu in 2013.

You can caption it – whatever you like in the comment section below.

Hahaaa… can’t wait when nature calls. Right? – Mangie MJ.

Moni Que says – Jangan silap..ini bukan tugu negara. Ini tanda kemenangan bershopping oleh orang kuat kami

Ernest Ibas – you should have wore ‘I Love Tanjung Batu’ t-shirt.

Az-One Salaam says – Pabila kemalasan & keboringan tahap gaban bergabung, maka manusia akan jadi lebih kreatif.. so ini la hasilnya. Totally agree.

Jai Soaidin – What’s up there bro? At Simalajau National Park.

Davis Joyner – wish my old class photos were look like this. Cute.

Zack Aken – there are hidden, beautiful spots around Bintulu, like this one at UPM Bintulu campus.

Fajar Pantura Wolulaskosongsiji – hostel lifestyle look like.

Kho Ai Chiang – pom pom mommies, aunties?

They are all ‘Kaban’ they said. Ronalyn Alyn

Taking all these photos involved lot of hard work, uneasy position ask – Jason Ngo.