Motorcyclists riding a Honda kapcai reportedly suffered serious injury, one in critical condition after a head on collision with a Proton Pesona car along the Tanjung Batu coastal road in front of Bintulu Golf course last night.

Liyana Batrisyia Ismail who claimed to be the victims relative said [sic] “Arep msh kritikal. Doktor pdh ny xda harapan. Mtk doa dr ktk org semua arep dgn kwn nya selamat. Arep tek dh sedar kakya pengsan balit.Doktor pdh ny terok sbb hentakan paling kuat dkt bahagian perut. Tkt ada pendarahan dalaman.Info dr kakak dgn family kmk org yg di hospital cnun.”

Literally Liyana said “Arep is still critical [condition]. Doctor said he has little hope [surviving]. We hope all of you to pray for Arep and his friend safety. Arep was conscious, then fainted again. Doctor said he is critical because of the severe blow to his stomach and could have suffered internal bleeding. Information from my sister and family who are at the hospital now.”

Both currently being treated at Bintulu hospital, while the car driver said to suffer minor injury. Wish both of them a speedy recovery.

Thank for the tip-off and photos Stricklant Silva.