A video published on Feb 10, 2013 showing a woman in labor, and giving birth, outdoors – on a riverbank racked up nearly 21 million views so far.

You can watch the entire video which shows the whole process of giving birth naturally, without medication etc.(adult only and you’ve to sign-in to watch)

That video inspired a new reality tv show in “Born in the Wild” in the US.

In 2008, a documentary “The Business of Being Born,” featuring Ricki Lake shook up many perceived notions of where and how a baby should be born.

Another popular “Masterpiece” series “Call the Midwife” has spent its three seasons thus far in the US (Malaysian can watch the show via proxy networks) showing how, in a fictionalized setting, home births with trained assistants used to be everyday experiences.

Births outside the hospital are still very rare in the developed world and even in developing country like Malaysia and here in Bintulu.