Uncollected for a week already BDA.

Uncollected for weeks already BDA.

No end in sight. Even Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing have been tired of this circus of uncollected household wastes complaints. His repeated calls for BDA to improve its waste disposal service make not much different.

All we know is that BDA will meet with the relevant authorities, BDA GM. It’s been meeting after meeting and more meeting – but the issue remain unresolved. Bintuluans are tired of scripted responses ‘we will inform you in due time’. [sic]:

Wan Ibrahim Wan Ali – (BDA Senior Environment Manager)

BDA Environment Section senior manager Wan Ibrahim Wan Ali when contacted by The Borneo Post yesterday said they would have a meeting with BDA general manager Datu Mohidin Ishak and other relevant authorities soon to further discuss the issue.

“For the time being, I can’t give any comment or speak on behalf of BDA on this issue but we will inform you in due time,” he added.

That’s left us with no choice, but bear with stinky smell that keep piling up in front our the house may be for another day, week?

This issue had not been resolved since BDA took over from Trienekens starting Oct 1, 2013.

Wow, enter 2nd weeks but still not being collected! pic – Moses Ting

Also waiting to be collected, after two weeks. pic – Peyjal Tya.