A seemingly innocent advertising bunting triggers a debate on the thorny ‘racism’ issue in the country on the spotlight. The company said in a statement many have not read the fine print on the jobs advertisement bunting carefully.

“I am iban, im not qualified,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr Madeline Berma an economic professor at the National University of Malaysia who apparently didn’t read the whole ads.

Dr Madeline equally innocent comment then get really heated when it was liberally shared by at least 190 people on Facebook (at time of posting) and attracted comments from several academicians including prominent Iban professor Prof. Dr Jayum Jawan.

“Mac…you just realised this! I thought we lived with this all throughout our years in Semenanjung…we just have to develop a copping mechanism otherwise it can be quite annoying…But dont worry, justice will eventually prevail for Allah Taala is one and great,” said Prof. Dr Jayum a member of National Council of Professors and teaches Malaysian Politics and Development at University Putra Malaysia.

Giftlabs said it was an entirely unexpected reactions.

“Our message was not read as a whole. Perhaps, as true as our colors, we in general like to see the part that is obvious and not the part that is in fine print,” the company clarified in a statement on it Facebook page and added.

“Anyway, we will be re-printing our banners to make it really clear of our stand – that we only hire “individuals” and we don’t care if you are Indians, Chinese, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslims, Bumiputras or whatnot.”

pic of the bunting shared by Dr Madeline

Giftlab clarification pic.

Screenshot of Dr Madeline Berma post.