Manhunt for an alleged cheater on Facebook

Manhunt for an alleged cheater on Facebook

This is social media Facebook type of manhunt. It fast, uncensored, personal and unpredictable often furious.

It started with a post warning netizen not to fall prey to a man allegedly impersonating as Royal Customs officer offering too good to be true deals to unsuspecting restaurateurs, kopitiam owners around Miri city.

Within minutes Li Chuinhua’s post were flooded with comments and thing get unravelling pretty fast thereafter.

The culprit immediately identified by netizen as someone they knew from school days as former classmate, other identified him as an ex-convict recently released from prison and whatnot.

“Perhaps his name is Hj. Roslan,” said Roslan Mohammad who allegedly been harassed at his office by someone searching for Hj Roslan.

Then another person identified the man as the same person that cheated her friend of RM1400 the previous month together with photo.

The man’s victims said they have lodged a police report against him.

At the time of this post the manhunt had been shared 43 times, Like by 101 and hundred of comments.

Follow the manhunt here at Miri Community group.