Only ‘nuts’ would do this dangerous act.

Have you seen something like this before in Bintulu? It was quite a scene at the traffic lights on the busy Tun Razak off Tun Ahmad Zaidi intersections yesterday. A middle age woman was spotted distracting / talking to motorists.

According to Sulaiman Suhaili who happened to meet the lady at the nearby health clinic before the incident said she was just like anyone else in the clinic, struck a conversation people around them.

He only discovered she was ‘sot’ local slang for ‘nuts’ – after she left the clinic.

[sic] “ bila pulang tiba2 ngerco mdh dari sabah sy merauk sampai indonesia kita perang… Duhal aku kakar ngan org sot tek.” or “Suddenly after leaving the clinic said she is from Sabah while shouting out loud ..”reaching Indonesia let’s have war,” said Sulaiman.

Well, we don’t know if she was nuts or mentally disturbed. But what she did was absolutely dangerous.

Thanks guys for the photos.