Rare and endangered sawfish caught by fishing nets in Daro

Fishermen at Kampung Bruit, Daro allegedly caught rare and endangered sawfish species recently after it was entangled in their fishing nets.

“I was informed it was already dead after trapped in the fishing nets,” said Khalidi Salfarina who shared photos of the prehistoric fish – survival of the cretaceous period (circa 145 to 66 million years ago).

This probably not the first sawfish ever being caught in the Rajang river estuary. A Facebook users by the name of Amir EMS posted a photo showing someone holding two sawfish saws

Sawfish’s distinctive flattened rostrom, or nose extension, is lined with sharp tooth-like scales and resembles a saw. The rostrom is used for self-defense, to catch prey, and to dig. WSVN notes that they typically do not attack unless provoked.

The endangered species’ numbers dwindled in partbecause they would get unintentionally caught in commercial fishing nets.