Several complaints had been lodged with Fisheries Departments urging the authority to investigate New World Mart, Lutong for allegedly selling endangered coral reef fishes at it Supermarket.

Photos of the supposedly endangered coral fishes were initially uploaded by Joyce Sivalingam to her Facebook wall. That photos eventually made it way to a popular Facebook group among Mirians – MiriCommunity group after being spotted by Sing Lung .

“No words can describe the stupidity & inhumanity,” said Zainudin Ibrahim.

“I stumbled upon a picture posted on social media Facebook in MiriCommunity page that shows coral reef fished being sold, dead and freshly caught in a new supermarket he called New World Mart in Lutong.”

“I had paid my visit to the supermarket and it is true that they are selling these endangered coral reef fishes,” said Kathy Wong in her complaint email to Sarawak Fisheries Dept.

New World Bintulu has not responded to our Facebook message seeking their comments and clarifications.

UPDATED: New World Mart says sorry. Admitted one of its vendors inadvertently violated fishing regulations by bringing in ‘non-commercial fish’ into it Lutong outlet. READ HERE.

Screenshot of Kathy Wong complaint email to the Fisheries Deparment.