Miles long tr

Miles long traffic jammed after the Nyabau traffic light all the way to Mile 7 and beyond towards Miri.

UPDATED: A stalled lorry in the middle of Bintulu-Miri road at Mile 7, caused massive traffic jam spanning over 3-km long from Nyabau traffic light to as far as the Penan Muslim village according to several motorists caught in the unusual jam.

“Lorry break down, occupying 3/4 of the road, on coming lorry cannot pass through,” Sia Huong Siew said.

Apai Tamik said the situation was made worst by selfish drivers.

Sia and Apai were among the hundred of motorists stuck behind the two stalled lorries for hours and it only eased up after 7pm yesterday.

The traffic jam span.

Pic – Melinnie Mena

The stalled lorry that caused the unusual traffic jam. Pic – Melannie Mena

Police arriving at the scene – Pic Melannie Mena

Perhaps it caused by this lorry – Pic. Naz Love Yeoma Moy

Pic. Naz Love Yeoma Moy