Suzie Kulleh police report lodged with Kota Samarahan police station.

In this era of social media personal feuds that begin in the real world could extend it arms into the realm of cyberworld.

Two police reports were lodged separately yesterday at two ends of the State – in Kota Samarahan and Lutong allegedly over ‘threats’ posted on Facebook.

At Kota Samarahan Suzie Kulleh lodged a police report after receiving threat from another Facebook users named Mafri Iboi.

Mafri Iboi later identified by Suzie as one Mohammad Azfil, allegedly working at Petronas-Bintulu.

Mafri Iboi aka Mohammad Azfil posted a comment that read: “Kamu takut mati ka suzie? saya jumpa bomoh kasi santau sama kamu sampai mati mau ka?” – “Do you afraid to die Suzie? I’ll see a shaman to ‘santau‘ or [put a spell] on you to die, do you want that?”

Northeast of Bintulu, in Miri a public spat between two Facebook users Suzie Yanti and Nur Cahaya were heating up.

Nur Cahaya fired up the first salvo by lodging a police report at Lutong Police Station, alleging Suzie Yanti among others “defaming, threatening” her. See copy of the police report below.

The feud between Nur Cahaya and Suzie Yanti had accumulated nearly a thousand comments over at MiriCommunity Facebook group.

Nur Cahaya and Suzie Yanti feud that goes beyond What’s Up and Facebook – to Police station.

Nur Cahaya police report lodged at Lutong Police station.