Tambi Jiee and family were among the victims of MH17 shot down in Ukraine.

Tambi Jiee and family were among the victims of MH17 shot down in Ukraine.

UPDATED: An entire family from Kuching – who were on their way back from Kazakhstan transiting via Amsterdam – perished on board the ill-fated Flight MH17.

Tambi Jiee, 49, from Kampung Gobielt, was with his wife Ariza Ghazalee, 47, and four children – Mohd Afif, 19, Mohd Afzal, 17, Marsha Azmeena, 15, and Mohd Afruz, 13.

The family was returning from Kazakhstan, where Tambi, a Shell employee, had been working for about three years.

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Their eldest was a student at Taylor’s College in Kuala Lumpur while the three other children were studying in Kazakhstan.

The family was coming back to Malaysia for good.

Tambi had been transferred to Shell’s Malaysia headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and before reporting to work in the nation’s capital, he was coming home to celebrate Hari Raya, according to Ariza’s mother Jamillah Noriah Abg Anuar on Friday.

Ariza took early retirement to accompany her husband to Kazakhstan.

An engineer by training, she was an employee of Bintulu Development Authority, according to family members.

Ariza was also an avid social media user. Prior to boarding MH17, she uploaded photos of their packed bags on Facebook and Twitter.

Ariza’s mother Jamillah Noriah Abg Anuar, 72, showing photo of the family to the press in Kuching.

The late Tambi Jiee’s family.

The late Tambi Jiee family

Last photos uploaded by Ariza Ghazalee at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Ariza Ghazalee’s children

Photos of the family.

Ariza and her children photos.

The Ariza Ghazalee family photo.