Meling anak Mula among those perished in MH17 plane crashed in Ukraine was last seen by his family April this year.

Meling anak Mula who work as a scaffolder with an oil and gas based in Kuala Lumpur was among the 298 people perished in the ill-fated MH17 shot down over Ukraine airspace Friday.

According to his wife Simbut anak Kedit, who talked to the press at the family home at Sungai Plan, Flat, his husband was supposed to arrive in Bintulu today.

Simbut said her husband had never fail to contact the family even while he was abroad and was last seen by the family April this year.

Meling’s family. photo: RTM

Meling’s widow Simbut anak Kedit being interviewed by local tv station RTM. Photo: RTM

Meling’s widow talking to local press. photo: RTM