A drawing that Mohd Afruz made on the missing MH370.

“MH370 Please Come Back”, “Please don’t die” were among the messages Mohd Afruz Tambi, 13 was the youngest of son of Tambi Jiee and Ariza Ghazalee had on his Facebook page.

Just like any children of his age Afruz Facebook page were filled with cartoon caricatures and was not only capable of showing deep sense of what’s happening around him but also around the world.

Afruz was so touched by the disappearance of the plane that he drew “MH370 Please Come Back” uploaded the drawing to his page.

Never did Afruz knew one day he would be gone forever in another Malaysia Airlines plane.

Seeing his Facebook page fills us with sorrow.

We never met Afruz as a person, but the little things he did and share on his page was more than enough to make us know him.

Rest in Peace dear Afruz and his family.

The last ‘goodbye’ message that Afruz posted on his Facebook page to his friends and beloved cat

The last post that Afruz made to his Facebook on July 6, 2014.

Mohd Afruz with his beloved cat. he said “hope u’ll get a new kind owner.. pls dont die.”