Public Bank at Medan Sentral, Bintulu

Just sharing. Google recently enables Western Union withdrawal for Business Adsense account in Malaysia.

Several bloggers particularly in peninsular has been withdrawing their Google Adsense income via Western Union for awhile for individual Adsense account.

But the feature only extended to Business type gradually since late last year.

On Monday, we tested the Western Union withdrawal, clearing limited amount of funds in our Adsense.

All the while it was via snail mail – checks – that would be cleared within a month the fastest by local banks.

We’re pleasantly surprised by how quick the process was. It took Public Bank at Medan Sentral less than 6 minutes to process the payment.

Almost an instant!

Another obvious benefits of receiving payment via Western Union is that no additional bank charges – unlike checks which would cost at least RM60!

Receiving Google Adsense via Western Union in Bintulu.