The participants of Penang Nude Sports

Here is the controversial clips of Penang Nude Sports Games allegedly held in Penang by group of people believed to be Malaysians and foreigners tourists recently.

It causes quite a stir on local media and Penang Chief Minister said the government had no knowledge of the game ever being held in Penang.

The original video was uploaded by one Albert Yam to Vimeo website.

Albert describes himself as a friendly nudist, love outdoor activities.

“I organised nude activities in Singapore. I m the moderator of SgNudClub. :-),” he wrote at Meetup.

It has been deleted, probably by the uploader himself, but not before it was downloaded by thousands of people including Muhamad Hafizuddin who re-upload the clip to Vimeo.

The participants of Penang Nude sport relaxing

Swim over body

Participants of the nude sports