McDonald’s Malaysia today expressed their disappointment over the nationwide boycott of their restaurants which led to vandalisation and the safety of their employees being threatened.

The company maintained that none of its sales, profits or franchise fees from its restaurants are channeled to support any political causes or conflicts in any part of the world.

McDonald Malaysia

McDonald Malaysia

“Our core values dictate that we operate our business ethically and to the highest standards,” the company said in a statement.

“There is absolutely no truth in any online allegations suggesting otherwise.

“Our commitment, first and foremost, is on ensuring the safety and welfare of McDonald’s Malaysia employees and customers as well as our franchisees’ business.

McDonald said so far, there has been little impact to its business.

“We remain committed as ever to serving our customers and giving back to the community just as we have for the past 30 years in Malaysia,” the company said.

Correction: We erroneously use images of another McDonald outlet in this post by mistake. We apologize for the error. Thank to Justin Then