The fourth suspect who are still at large. Pic – PDRM

UPDATED: All the four suspects have confessed to the killings that occurred after an alcohol-fuelled argument, police said Thursday

“All the four men have admitted to the crime. We are investigating them for murder,” Chai Khin Chung, Sarawak’s deputy police chief, told AFP by phone.

It was shocking and rattled everyone in Kuching.

They were killed in the early hours of Wednesday as they walked back to a backpackers’ lodge in the city.

A group of drunken men who had been at a different pub are said to have confronted them on Abell Road.

A statement released by the university has named the dead men as Neil Dalton and Aidan Brunger.

Sources said they were fourth-year medical students from Newcastle University who were attached to the general hospital in Kuching.

One of the three suspects currently being remanded was tested positive in a drug test.

Police is still tracking down the fourth suspect.

Here are photos of the suspects as reported in local and international news agencies.

British students murder suspect . Pic – Borneo Post

British student murder suspect being picked at his home in Kuching.

British students murder suspected being picked at his home in Kuching.

Uncensored photo of the alleged killers of two British students in Kuching yesterday as widely shared on Facebook