SMK Baru Bintulu kids spotted puffing cigarettes.

School kids spotted puffing cigarettes by Wann Sharul Aiman August 6, 2014 near their school.

These school children probably unaware the direct and indirect cost of those cigarettes not to mention it harmful effect to their health.

It’s not a cheap habit to begin with. A smoker would spend more than 73,000 in 20-years! The price of a decent car – think of Toyota Vios!

In a year the direct and indirect cost of smoking will be more than 6,150 – more than enough to cover a Perodua Viva installments for a year!

Here is how those figures derive.

According to Malaysia Ministry of Health, not only it includes the price of cigarettes that we pay but the future costs to upkeep our health due to smoking.

Direct cost is out of pocket costs or a monetary cost to smokers and society. For a smoker direct cost is how much money he spends on cigarette.

The Toyota Vios 2013.

In addition medical costs of treating his illness induced by tobacco is also part of his direct cost.

Currently a 20-a-day smoker of a premium cigarette will spend RM10.00 per day. In one week he will spend RM70.00 and RM3650.00 per year.

If smoking habits continue for 20 years, he will spend whooping RM73,000.00 – enough to buy decent car in Bintulu!

Had this amount been saved it can pay a-four years study in undergraduate program at an institution of higher-learning or earned returns on investment in many interest bearing financial instruments.

The cost of a treatment at the hospital due to asthma triggered from smoking cigarette is also considered as direct cost.

Hence a total direct cost to this smoker for a year is (RM3650.00 + RM2500) = RM6150.

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