It cost RM150 to cross this bridge.

Hundred of Penan still live at the end of the RM800 toll road and RM150 toll bridges.

The journey to these remote villages – Long Lidom, Long Tanyit and Long Kajang took more than 18 hours that we made two stops to cook for lunch and dinner.

We arrived at Long Tanyit around 3am – when the Penans were still soundly asleep.

We visited Long Lidom Penan, the remotest Penan village along this route brief as our intend destination was Long Kajang.

Long Kajang is about 30 minutes boat ride downriver from Long Tanyit. No access road to this settlement.

Many of the Penan children and adult in these remote areas still didn’t have IDs.

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The RM800 toll highway to Penan country.

Cooking lunch and dinner along the way

It’s a pretty dangerous road as you have to share it with this giant

One of the steepest ravine which bottom were still meters below.

A massive logging camp in the middle of Borneo Island near the border to Kalimantan Indonesia. Heavily guarded area – we’re not allowed in.

The Penan children and their parents. Kinda surprise many of them were of school-going age but had not attended school that day.

Long Tanyit – one of the remotest Penan settlement on the upper reach of Belaga district, near the border with Kalimantan’s Indonesia.

Penan longhouse at Long Tanyit.