This man dubbed ‘Bintulu drunken master’ probably had too much alcohol in his vein that he couldn’t figure out which direction he went.

So smashed his way into a restaurant, along Keppel road few meter from Citypoint along Keppel road around 3am today.

It wasn’t clear if anyone was hurt in the wee hour incident, but the not so sober driver was apparently escape unscathed.

However, he has plenty of bills to pay after such a memorable night out – the restaurant owner, car repair and probably a ticket from the police?

Thank Mohd Hafizul and Lifenolove Salma for the pics.

He didn’t look so good

The drunken man’s car

Sigh. The drunken man’s car

The uncle next too the car didn’t look so happy with what happened?

The drunken man’s car