Flash flood at Sungai Plan  August 13, 2014.

Flash flood at Sungai Plan August 13, 2014.

Be warned Bintulu people. Mother nature had gave her first warning by leaving several houses at Sungai Plan area inundated about knee-deep last night.

Well, it was sure traumatic experiences and probably time to revisit what the relevant parties had said over a year ago about this nagging flash flooding problem in Bintulu.

Here is what the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, who is also the National Security Council (NSC) chairman said on December 31, 2013.

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According to Shahidan they had identified three main reasons for the worst flash floods to hit Bintulu town on Dec 29 that will be given due attention by the State and Federal governments.

The first factor that must be looked into seriously, Shahidan said, is the unsystematic drainage system within the town, commercial and residential areas.
“The water cannot flow smoothly into the river,” he said.The second factor is the rampant development in Bintulu which was not closely monitored by the relevant authority, especially its impact on the environment causing the water to empty very fast into low lying areas. Shahidan said proper development planning is vital and all developers should be able to observe the standard requirements before developing a particular area with projects.The third factor, which he said will be given more emphasis, is the situation at the Kemena riverbank which needs dredging works immediately. [The Borneo Post]

BDA on their part said they had identified 14 channels that could solve recurrence of flash flooding.

It’s kind of ironic it’s happening again despite these parties promises. See pictures below posted by the victims on Facebook.

Flash flood at Sg Plan August 14, 2014.

Flash flood at Sg Plan August 14, 2014

Flash flood at Sg Plan August 14, 2014

Flash flood at Sg Plan August 14, 2014

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The Borneo Post report Dec 31, 2013.