La Ode Ardi Rasila, 37

An Indonesian security guard was sentenced by a High Court here to death over the murder of Ambank officer Norazita Abdul Talib last year.

La Ode Ardi Rasila, 37, was ordered to be hanged until death for committing robbery and firing a shot from a pump gun with the intention to kill the officer.

Upon hearing the court verdict, La Ode did not show any reaction.

In his judgment on Thursday, High Court judge Justice Akhtar Tahir ruled that the prosecution has proven both charges against the Indonesian beyond reasonable doubt.

In convicting him, Justice Akhtar held that La Ode has wilfully fired the shot against the victim to commit robbery.

Justice Akhtar said he could not believe La Ode’s claims that the father of four has no intention with regard to the fatal shooting of the victim.

“It is clear from my observation of the CCTV recording that the accused has pointed the pump gun towards the victim before firing the shot.

“If he just want to pumped his gun to attract the attention of two bank officers who were at the ‘vault’ room that day (as he claimed in his defence), the accused could have pointed the gun to other directions.

“The accused has wilfully fired the shot and has full knowledge on how to use the gun,” he said.

His lawyer S. Selvi, appointed by the Indonesian Embassy, said her client was remorseful over the incident and apologised to the victim’s family and other bank officers over the traumatising incident as well as to his former employer whose security firm’s licence had been revoked by the government.

“He also did not know that his wife was then pregnant with their fourth child,” she added.

Outside court later, Selvi said La Ode was very sad over the verdict and that she would appeal against the court ruling.