Bintulu town was hit by another round of equally devastating flash flood on Monday August 25.

Sungai Plan, Taman Jason, Taman Putrajaya and several other areas devastated by the Dec 30, 2013 flash flood, again submerged inches deep.

This time around several areas – previously safe from flooding such as the new ABF office on top of a hill in Kidurong was hit.

Here are some of the selected photos.

ABF office on a hilltop in Kidurong was not spared from the flash flood.

ABF office, Kidurong.

Taman Matahari

Taman Matahari

The monsoon drain at Kampung Assyakirin turn into river.

Taman Beverly wer inches deep.

A house at Sungai Plan

Sibiew road

Vehicles stuck for hours along coastal road immediately after the Sungai Plan river roundabout due to flooding.

Taman Jason

Vehicles stuck at the exit of MLNG, Kidurong

RPR Kidurong phase 1.

Farley supermarket parking lots – flooded again.