In the last 24-hours we’ve seen two tragic accidents happened in Bintulu and near Bintulu.

Around 2am this morning a Perodua Viva slammed into a tree along the Kidurong highway leaving the driver with broken bones and two passengers suffered injuries.

Hours later around 5.30am a couple on their way back to Miri from Bintulu died due to serious head injuries caused by a collision with a stalled lorry near Suai River bridge.

Statewide, until July this year, 235 Sarawakians had perished in road accidents.

“Last year, Sarawak recorded 371 fatal accidents resulting in 421 deaths, which was 1.15 deaths per day,” said a Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) statement yesterday, issued at the International Crashiworthiness Conference, which is taking place Kuching, Tuesday.

So don’t do this – particularly if it involves school children. ‘Malang tidak berbau‘.

Photo taken somewhere in Tatau town.

Photo taken somewhere in Tatau town.