Photo taken somewhere in Tatau town.

Photo taken somewhere in Tatau town.

We’re getting an ear full on condemnations, personal attack for advocating `public safety on the road particularly as it involves our youngs, from Facebook user Azamo Azamas.

Here are our answers to Azamo Azamas (scroll down for screenshot of Azamo post on our page).

1. We don’t take the pic. It was publicly available on Facebook image repository – available for public use.

2. We don’t know it’s a political issue. But since you said it is – so what’s wrong for Malaysians, particularly voters to express their opinions on social media? Are you saying Sarawak actually Merdeka on 31 August 1957? That’s clearly contradict the posting on Wikipedia we link to.

4. We did learnt about that.
5. We did learnt about that too.
6. We didn’t.

7. You should apologize for saying we’re idiots and those who like this page as pathetic. We believe they are all very intelligent, knowledgeable, brilliant inviduals that don’t deserved being called ‘pathetic’ by you. Furthermore more you’re making a very personal attack, far beyond the civilize discussions the article and picture deserved.  

We have every rights to defend our integrity and so do the Facebook users who like our page.

Our question to you.

Do you think, suggest and advocate, that by getting the approval from the relevant authorities make the act of standing on the back of a pick truck on a town road has no risk?

As parents we will never allow our kids to put themselves in such a risk. And as someone – in the education department from a teacher we strongly disagree with your opinions on the safety aspects of standing on the back of a pick truck – despite the approval of the authorities and police escort.

As seen in the picture, there is no safety precaution like railing, that those people standing behind the pick truck can grab in case of an emergency.

Once again thank for commenting Azamo Azamos we appreciate, accept, differing opinions but never advocate anyone to personally attack someone over their opinions or their political leaning.

We’re a democratic country not a communist state and nowhere did we said we condemned the lands (whatever that mean) as you said.