Pic - Redpepper

Pic – Redpepper

A wealthy Nigerian man from a small town of Ogbadibo reportedly died after sex marathon with five of his six wives.

The man identified by a Nigeria website Daily Post as Uroko Onoja, was returning home from a local bar at 3 a.m. and headed straight to his youngest wife’s room.

Uroko Onoja was having sex with the youngest of his spouses when the remaining five are reported to have set upon him with knives and sticks – and demanded that he have sex with each of them too.

Mr Onoja went on to have intercourse with four of his wives in succession, but ‘stopped breathing’ as the fifth was making her way to the bed in Ogbadibo, according to Daily Post.

Two women have been arrested following the incident in the state of Benue last week, said the report, which used the term ‘raped to death’ to describe the businessman’s fate.

Okpe Odoh, the village head, confirmed the incident had been reported to police, according to the Post.

He told the paper that police are currently conducting an investigation to locate the wives, who allegedly ran into the forest after Onoja’s death.

The man’s body has been placed in a nearby mortuary, according to the paper.