Which of them is fake? Can you tell the different?

Which of them is fake? Can you tell the different?

In Bintulu, we’ve seen couple of reports of fake notes circulating but in a much smaller amount – RM10 as in LAKU case and RM20 note – in the case of a local cake seller.

But in Kuching someone discovered RM100 note and it was allegedly stack up in a bank ATM machine.

According to Adell Edell, the victim, his friend, allegedly made a withdrawal from an ATM machine in Matang area, before making his way to a nearby e-mart supermarket to purchase some groceries.

He was flabbergasted when told by the supermarket cashier it was a fake currency.

He told them how could it be, because he just got the note from an ATM!

The victim then lodged a complaint to the bank. Unfortunately the bank couldn’t refund him.

“If it was just RM10 he wouldn’t mind, but this is RM100,” said Adell, adding his friend then made a police report over the incident.

Fake note below. Upon close scrutiny, a telltale sign is visible to naked eye from non-counterfeit note.

The fake note above.

Fake note below.

Fake note above. The telltale sign are – font slightly wider and appear like it was just being bleached.