The Borneo International Kite Festival, the biggest festival ever being held in Bintulu just closed it curtain today after four days of fun and sun.

Already, German’s Andreas Fishbacher one of the BIKF international participants, said he’s already looking forward to BIKF 2015.

Andreas said unlike similar festival held elsewhere, BIKF is fun-filled festival.

“Here it’s all about having fun flying your kites. A similar event held elsewhere you only get a chance to fly your kite for only two days the most – the rest of the days it’s all about talking,” he said.

As in other Asian towns and cities, the food in Bintulu are fabulous according to Andreas.

“I rarely eat at my hotels as I prefer the foods outside. The pork knuckles are my favorite and taste as good as in Germany,” he said.

Andreas has never miss Borneo International Kite Festival since 2010 and hoping next year he would get a chance to visit other places near Bintulu particularly Niah and Mulu caves.

The festival venue likely to be changed as current enue will be an off-limit construction site by next year.

Andreas Fischbacher – the sole German participant in this year BIKF.

Flags of countries participating in this year Borneo International Kite Festival.

Fun-filled indeed.

The Japanese team a regular faces who had been participating in the event since its inception decade ago.

Participants packing up after a fun-filled festival.

The thousand that turn up at the even venue at the old Bintulu airport tarmac.

Traffic jam as thousand throng to the venue on it last day today.