Google Street View image

Google Street View image

Google announced that 90 per cent of the scenery found along west Malaysia’s public roads and highways already made available on its Street View.

“Over the past year, we’ve taken our Street View cars on a cross-country adventure of peninsular Malaysia, driving to new heights at the top of Gunung Raya in Langkawi, roving the tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands and meeting the ends of many roads we never even knew existed,”said Nhazlisham Hamdan, Street View Operations Manager, Google Malaysia in a post at Google Asia Pacific Blog.

“Now a digital rendering of approximately 90 percent of the scenery found along public roads in West Malaysia is available on Street View,” he added.

However Google has yet to announce if its will expand the Street View service to the streets and roads of Sabah and Sarawak anytime soon!


Johor Bahru

Penang second bridge