Najib in Budget 2014. NajibRazak/Facebook.

Najib in Budget 2014. NajibRazak/Facebook.

The Prime said Budget 2015 would be “pro-rakyat”, and include measures to ease concerns over the cost of living.

Najib noted that the budget would help to enhance job opportunities, improve education and create more affordable housing.

He also stressed that the BR1M programme will continue as it is part of the government’s manifesto.

“It is part of our subsidy rationalisation.

“By switching from blanket subsidies to more targeted support, we are getting better value for money,” quoted him as saying.

Najib also underscored his commitment to subsidy rationalisation, noting that fuel subsidies have increased from RM1.6 billion per year in 2002, to RM2 billion ringgit per month in 2014 – adding that the current levels of subsidies are “unsustainable.”

“It is wrong to pass the burden of debt to the next generation. We must pass on a stronger economy with less debt.

“We must do what is right for Malaysia’s economy, not what is popular. By doing so, we will ensure long term prosperity for the people,” he said.

Budget 2015 will be aired on national TVs starting 4pm today.