The alleged robber – currently in police custody

“We’ve been robbed by a group driving a dark blue kancil car plat no. QTE 586 Taman Permaisuri at about 8.40pm,” Hassim Fiqah posted a message on popular local group Bintulu News on October 19, immediately after they were robbed that night.

Social media increasingly become a popular site to break and share breaking news – good or bad.

Hassim Fiqah (not his real name) post quickly went viral, seen by thousand over the next 24-hours after the robbery took place.

By then many Bintuluans had already remembered the alleged robbers vehicle description and plat number.

So, when it was spotted by the public the next night at a housing area, incidentally on a look out for their next victim.

It was quickly stopped by the public who were already suspicious of their present in the area.

While the rest of his accomplices managed to escape arrest, the driver of the blue kancil car bearing plat no QTE 586 as described by Hassim, was not so lucky.

He was apprehended by members of public was quickly handed over to the police.

He was reportedly tested positive for illegal substances and have previous criminal records.

“That’s how useful Facebook is if use correctly,” said Francis Ngu one of the moderators of Bintulu News group.

The site is popular for anything and everything Bintulu!

Screenshot of Hassim Fiqah post that led to the citizen arrest of the alleged robber.