From slum to engineer, tale of a slum family escape poverty grips

Liza Ranggi and her  Dutch hubby.
Liza Ranggi and her Dutch hubby.

Don’t lose hope and stop fighting for your current situation said an engineer who was raised in a slum herself to Sungai Sebatang slum dwellers upon seeing their plights highlighted in the social media recently.

The Sungai Sebatang slum one of the remaining slum areas in Bintulu are fighting to temporarily stop their eviction order in the Court.

Liza Ranngi born, raised at Kampung Stutong Baru, near SMK Tabuan Jaya one of the slum areas in Kuching said, she could relate to their struggles, hardship and discrimination they are facing daily.

“My dad started work as a coolie earning RM200 monthly and at that time rm50 is enough for one month groceries,” she related to BtuWeekly her family ordeals in a lengthy message via Facebook before they eventually having a legally owned roof over their head.

According to Liza it would be better for the Sebatang slum dwellers to focus on providing their kids with the best education they can afford.

“Cut unnecessary debts and saved for your kids. You may not be able to provide good life for your children but do provide them good education a ticket out of povery,” said Liza Ranggi.

Slum children Liza said must also discarded low self-esteem and social stigma often inflicted on them due to their poor living condition.

“At school I was ashamed for the kids at school make fun of squatters people.

So I never want to admit I was living there. My classmates were very understanding and polite enough referring our slum as “Sting-garden”.

“Whenever teachers asked me where I live, my classmates would help to answer.

Their live then changes for the better after Liza’s dad got job with Malaysia Airlines as traffic hands – a job he still keep to this day while her mom assist by doing all sort of odd jobs.

Last year the family went around Europe on vacation, a luxury they could only dream of while living in the slum.

Since getting married Amsterdam will be Liza’s second home, favorite city in Europe where her better half was born and raised.

Liza with her parents.
Liza and co-worker.
Sebatang slum dwellers picketing in front of Bintulu Courtyard recently.