Highly endangered and extremely rare clouded leopard found in Bakun dam logging areas.

Photo of an extremely rare, highly endangered and totally protected dead clouded leopard was shared on a Facebook page drawing ire and disbelief among netizen.

The rare cat has never been seen in the wild over the past few decades due to dwindling population blamed on poaching and natural habit loss.

Even recent report of the leopard sighting of the cat at Mount Santubong was based on photograph! No actual sightings yet!

The cat was allegedly died after being rolled over by a logging truck in the vicinity of Bakun logging areas based on captioned of the photo.

That’s hardly convincing! How a lightning fast clouded leopard could be easily killed by a slow moving logging truck!

“Mati kena tembak, bekas tembakan/peluru ada pada paha harimau tersebut. Kalau mati xsiden tak patut keadaan masih sempurna mcm tu,” said Raymond Clouded on Bakun Paradise page.

Or loosely translated as “shot dead, gunshot / bullets wounds in the thigh of leopard. If died of being hit by truck it can’t be still in such perfect condition,”

“First of all, this animal has never been in abundance in our jungle. How often have you heard of attacks on humans done by animals in Sarawak?” said Fabian Law apparently upset that such beautiful rare animal being killed for it meat, skins and teeths in his comment.

Fabian Law said he have been going into the jungle for more than half his life and have yet to see one clouded leopard.

Clouded leopard is Borneo’s largest cat that capable of killing a larger predator.

Apart from being threatened by poachers for it beautiful teeth, pelt have and clouded leopard also facing extinction in the wild due to habitat loss according to Sarawak Forestry.

A clouded leopard pet.

Shot dead

A post at Bakun Paradise Facebook page of the dead clouded leopard.

Another photo of the leopard, which probably have been shot dead instead of rolled over by logging truck.

The clouded leopard.