The siblings at Sibu Jaya police station.

The siblings at Sibu Jaya police station.

It simply heartless. Four siblings aged 2 to 7-years old were found wandering aimlessly at Sibu Jaya yesterday by policemen.

According to a police report they were found with RM70 cash, umbrella and a bag and believed to be of Iban parentage.

Police said attempted to locate their parents were unsuccessful and had handed the case to the Welfare Department to resolve.

The siblings were identified as Menai, Iyen (both age 7), Echa 4 and Olivia 2-year old.

UPDATED 9.22am 10/11/2014: We’re learnt that a Chinese church in Sibu had came forward to help the cute siblings abandoned by their mother near a coffee shop in Sibu Jaya yesterday. Another good news is that they are now with their grandparents.

The police report.

The siblings being consoled by members of the public.