The four children were crying when found by members of the public.

The four sisters allegedly abandoned by their mother at Sibu Jaya yesterday are still under police custody but sheltered at Sibu General Hospital until investigation over the case completed.

Pelawan assemblyman David Wong said he had spoken to the Sarawak’s Minister of Welfare, Woman and Family Development Datuk Hajah Fatimah Abdullah about the four sisters.

“The police will have to look for the parents to ascertain their intentions and interview their grandparents capability before the welfare dept can step in,” he said when contacted today.

Once it’s ascertained that their grandparents can’t care for the kids the Welfare department will step in and the kids will be send to Rumah Kanak-Kanak (orphanage home) in Kuching.

Prof. Dr Jayum Jawan

Prof. Dr Jayum Jawan

Professor Dr. Jayum Jawan who is hailed from Sibu said the incident saddened him and was baffled of learning no Dayak leaders and organisations had came forward to help the siblings.

“I was told Chinese church had offered helps. Shamed on Dayaks and their leaders,” he said via Whatsapp.

Several organisations including Church have offered to help the family upon learning of their plights that had gone viral on social media after being highlighted here.

And the story was pick-up by several other blogs and mainstream newspapers in Sarawak.

Thousands of people throughout the country and abroad were shocked, angered and offered prayers to the four siblings upon learning of their plights.

“Don’t separate, and don’t foster outside their race and culture,” plead Erissa Cobalt and echoed by hundreds more commenters on our Facebook page.

The story currently still trending and had been seen by more than 104,000 people at our official Facebook page, share by over 5,500 people at time of writing.

David Wong said he spoke briefly with Minister of Welfare after the DUN sitting today.