“I don’t know how to file a lawsuit,” said Roland Roy as friend and the public urging him to take legal action against Bintulu Development Authority over an incident at Taman Tumbina yesterday.

A family outing to the nature park nearly slipped into a tragedy after Roland accidentally fell off a dilapidated walkway about a meter high.

“Nadai nemu keni kak nyaman,” (I don’t know how to file a lawsuit) he said in a Facebook post from his hospital bed when his friend Abu urging him to take legal action.

“The victim should sue Bda for compensation. After all they have to buy tickets to go in,” said Paul Chong on our Facebook page.

Roland said as result of the fall he suffered fractured backbones and several stitches on his face.

Taman Tumbina, once a major tourist attraction in Bintulu.

However over the year it had degraded so much, to no more than cages for keeping wild beasts and birds.

The park major attraction it aviary had long gone.

All pix by Jeff Maxwell