The baby found dead in a toilet bowl.

The baby found dead in a toilet bowl.

Mother of the newly born baby found dead in a toilet bowl of a university hostel in Bintulu will be facing serious penalty according a Minister.

Rohani Abdul Karim

“It is a very heavy penalties,” Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim said if it was done intentionally.

Rohani said her Ministry is awaiting full report of the incident from the authorities.

“I have informed on this matter, one baby died in a toilet but I have no details yet and I’m sure this is a police case.

“Let the investigation conducted. The rest I can not comment,” she said reports The Borneo Post.

Sarawak CID chief Datuk Pahlawan Zulkifli Hassan confirmed they had identified the baby’s mother as an undergraduate at a local university.

She was still receiving treatment at Bintulu Hospital.

“There have been no arrests made since she is still receiving treatment in the hospital,” he said without elaborating.