A clip showing Zamani singing while being handcuffed.

A clip showing Zamani singing while being handcuffed.

Video of Zamani Ibrahim 43, vocalist of a popular band in the ’90s singing while being handcuffed had spurred police to investigate the matter.

“The police will investigate and take action against the individual responsible for recording and uploading the video of Zamani singing while handcuffed,” said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar in a tweet on Thursday.

The video, believed to have been recorded soon after Zamani was arrested showed the former lead singer of ’90s band Slam singing Gerimis Mengundang, one of the band’s hit songs, while handcuffed.

Zamani was arrested on Wednesday morning for alleged involvement in drug abuse at his house in Taman Keramat, Ampang, according to The Star.

He was arrested with a 32-year-old woman for allegedly possessing a plastic containing what is believed to be 1.2g of heroin.