The Interview that triggered massive cyberattack against Sony.

The Interview that triggered massive cyberattack against Sony.

Newly declassified US’s National Security Agency document linked Malaysia to recent massive cyberattack on Sony over comedy movie The Interview blamed on North Korea.

The U.S. spy agency drilled into the Chinese networks that connect North Korea to the outside world, picked through connections in Malaysia favoured by North Korean hackers and penetrated directly into the North with the help of South Korea and other U.S. allies according to a Canadian website citing a former U.S. and foreign officials.

A classified security agency program reportedly place malware that could track the internal workings of many of the computers and networks used by the North’s hackers numbered roughly 6,000 people the site said.

Most are commanded by the country’s main intelligence service, called the Reconnaissance General Bureau, and Bureau 121, its secretive hacking unit, with a large outpost in China.

The evidence gathered by the “early warning radar” of software painstakingly hidden to monitor North Korea’s activities proved critical in persuading President Barack Obama to accuse the government of Kim Jong Un of ordering the Sony attack, according to the officials and experts, who spoke on the condition of anonymity about the classified NSA operation.